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What is the Best Acoustic Guitar?

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If you are looking for the best acoustic guitar for beginners for playing or any purpose and so on… The important things you should consider are quality sound, playability, quality materials and the price. First, there are some important things you should know before you get a good acoustic guitar, because so many acoustic guitar with difference quality from other brands on market.

In this article, you will get some characteristic of good acoustic guitars and how to buy an acoustic guitar for best budget and best sounds and then you can refer Top-Rated 10 Best Acoustic Guitars under $500 for Beginners which will helps you save time and avoid unnecessary trouble when you’re as beginners.

What kind and style of music do you want to Play?

Before you buy an acoustic guitar, you need to think through what types of music you want to learn or the style of music you want to play. Some people wants to play jazz, someone wants to play metal and other people want to play folk music, so on…

Who are your favorite guitarists? Why do you want to learn guitar? Your budget? When you answer these questions, that helps you focus on the type and style of guitar you might consider buying. Read More →

Comparison of the Fenix AF02 and the Twofish Lockblocks Bike Mount

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This is our first side-by-side review and it comes with mixed feelings as we would not like to be accused of preferring one product or brand over another. When reviewing led flashlights to take two extreme examples, this standpoint can be justified. There are so many products on the market that choosing one of them would smack of favouritism.

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In this special case, though, a comparison is probably overdue. The Fenix AF02 and the Twofish Lockblocks bike mount are hardly mainstream products, and for cyclists who would like to attach a conventional flashlight to the handlebars the choice is rather limited.
For those looking for such a device, these two are as different as chalk and cheese so it was interesting to see how they fared against each other.

Fenix AF02 vs Twofish Lockblocks

Comparison of the Fenix AF02 (left) and the Twofish Lockblocks bike mount

The different categories are as follows:

1. Price

Both are inexpensive. The Fenix model costs around $20. The Twofish, which I bought from a British retailer, costs the equivalent of $8. This difference should not be a decisive factor unless you are really strapped for cash.

2. Weight

The AF02 weighs 116g. The Lockblocks weighs 12g. Some bikers count every gram of their equipment in an attempt to make their trips as light as possible. All other things being equal, this could be a clincher for weightwatchers.

3. Size

The Lockbocks is considerably smaller. Just to give you an idea, it came in a small brown envelope with no padding.

The size could be important as the AF02 may not fit on your handlebars if you have other accessories such as a bell and a computer which you do not want to remove.

It may also be a factor for those who do not want to be overburdened with gear when they disassemble the mount and light. The Lockblocks can be stowed anywhere. As an extreme example, I tried fitting it next to my ankle inside one of the socks I was wearing. It was barely noticeable. The AF02 feels very bulky in any jacket pocket.

4. Stability

The AF02 makes a much more stable impression from a purely visual point of view. On the handlebars, both hold the torches in place. There is slight play with the Lockblocks when you cycle over uneven ground but it will not affect your visibility. I’ve tested different torches in both mounts and none of them have become even slightly loose.

5. Weather

I’ve only tested the AF02 once in light rainfall, where it performed well. However, I have no reason to doubt that it would survive much harsher conditions. I’ve used the Lockblocks in snowy weather and light to moderate rainfall for a maximum of 30 minutes. I thought this could be the weak point of the mount because of the Velcro straps, but it remained unaffected.

You can assemble the AF02 with thick gloves in winter. Unfortunately, you will need to use your bare hands with the Lockblocks.

6. Fixing and Removing

I did several tests here.

  • a. With the torch already attached to the mount, it took 15 seconds to assemble the AF02, and 8 seconds for the Lockblocks.
  • b. With the torch unattached to the mount it took 30 seconds to assemble the AF02 and 17 seconds for the Lockblocks.
  • c. Taking the light off the handlebars took 15 seconds with the AF02 and 2 seconds with the Lockblocks.

Neither is ideal for re-assembling in complete darkness but the Lockblocks is easier. I would suggest that you practise this with whichever mount you choose, or take a headlamp with you.

7. Short-term Durability

The AF02 makes a tough impression but the Lockblocks is equal, or even superior in one respect: whenever I don’t need the Lockblocks, I just throw it on the garage floor after removing it in two seconds.

This is possible with the AF02 if you are prepared to accept its glossy finish quickly accumulating scratches, and the time involved in removing the light and tightening the screws – about 18 seconds.

8. Long-term Evaluation

There is no contest here. The AF02 looks more robust, is big and chunky and made of harder material. It also has an anti-aging finish to protect it from sun and rain.

In contrast, the Lockblocks could almost be mistaken for a wristband with a piece of rubber attached.

9. Flexibility

The AF02 has been tested with three different flashlights powered by a 18650 and a single AA battery. The Lockblocks has been tested with seven different models powered by AA and 18650 batteries.

It should be stressed that the Lockblocks is only meant to be used with a single AA or 2xAA battery-powered torch, but I have also used it with four different 18650 lights without the slightest problem.

The only weakness I can detect here is with the Lockblocks: it can be difficult to change modes with twisty head torches.

Unless you fit the AF02 loosely, the Lockblocks is better for adjusting the beam distance while you are riding.

10. Normal Biking

Both have been used over all different kinds of terrain ranging from straight asphalt roads to stony, winding and hilly cycle paths. In non-mountain biking territory they both ensure that the torches provide you with a central beam and neither has caused the light to rattle.

11. Mountain Biking

I bow to Chris’s experience here. He tested both over very rugged terrain for several hours and found that both of them worked well. I would imagine, however, that a lot of serious mountain bikers may prefer to use a headlamp or a flashlight attached to their helmet.

Fenix AF02 (left) and Twofish Lockblocks

Fenix AF02 (left) and Twofish Lockblocks

Conclusion – So who wins the battle of the bike mounts?

The AF02 appears very robust with its hard casing, rubber mats and good-quality screws. This appearance is not deceptive. It holds different sized torches firmly in place and I would be very surprised if any light managed to work itself loose, let alone fall to the ground.

In addition, the rotation function may attract users who would like to turn the beam away from the handlebars. The AF02 also trumps in winter. The thick screws provide a good grip for your gloves if you need to assemble it in colder weather.

Moreover, users intending to use a torch with a twisty bezel will certainly be better served with the AF02.

In contrast, the Lockblocks boasts zero sophistication and makes a distinctly flimsy impression. This apparent lack of robustness has, however, proved to be illusory in different weather conditions and over all kinds of terrain.

In addition, its size, weight and convenience, make it a better bike mount than the Fenix competitor.

You will not notice the weight, which makes it easy to stow in your trouser or shirt pocket. The size will certainly mean you can fit more accessories and also means you can fit it closer to the centre of the handlebars.

Furthermore, it can be fixed twice as fast as the AF02, however much you practise this with both mounts. This means that assembling the mount without gloves in winter is certainly bearable. The removal time of two seconds will also be appreciated by those who favour speed and simplicity.

More importantly, despite its frail appearance I have experienced no problems with any flashlight rattling or becoming loose while lighting the way ahead.

Even though the AF02 has several benefits, I would suspect that the Lockblocks strengths will be more important for most users, and therefore declare it the winner on points.

How To Use Orange In Home Decorating

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I love using color in my home. I can completely transform a room by using color accents in my home decorating. I came across some orange silk tulips the other day and decided it was time to use this bright beautiful color to change up my living room a bit.

Orange is a refreshing bright color that be very uplifting any time of year. It’s a color that isn’t used often in home decor, yet if you think about the feeling evoked by watching a sunset, or watching bright orange flames in a campfire or in a fireplace it’s very soothing.
In spite of this being a vivid color it can blend beautifully with a wide range of colors tones.

Orange adds warmth yet can also add a dramatic intense effect when using accessories and accents alone.

For the bold who want to go full out with this color you can achieve a stunning result with paint, drapes, even in furnishings. A bedroom, or a living room for example done in shades of orange might seem to be over the top for some, but you’ll see here how using a little or a lot of it can be quite stunning.

Adding Orange In A Bedroom:

In this bedroom there is a wall painted in one block of orange above the bed. Using a wall decal for wall art with the contrasting letters in black is a nice backdrop that make the words really pop.

Here we have a few orange pillows and toss cushions on some very basic white bed sheets and bedding – an orange blanket folder over the foot of the bed.

There isn’t a lot of this color here, yet it makes the room. This bedroom can easily be transformed again using yellow cushions, blue, red or even green and it won’t clash, it will blend.

So changing this one up again would be very easy and would work with most any other color.

We’re Going To Create A Bedroom Like This:

Orange walls make for a perfect backdrop for getting a look like this.
However if your not into painting your walls orange a warm or soft shade of yellow will also warm up a wall giving you a nice backdrop to work with as well and makes orange accents really stand out. You can still achieve this look with any wall color.

What makes this room really bright is the orange accessories and lots of bright lighting. The orange chair makes this room, if you don’t want to invest in a chair like this you could always buy a slip cover to go over any other chair.

In A Living Room:

If you look at this picture what really stands out is the Orange accessories. If you want to add just a ‘pop’ of orange go for some great vases, bowls, floor vases, or wall art with orange in it.

On the sofa or couch you could add a couple of the toss cushions as well to add even more orange to the room.

In my living room

as seen in one of the images above and in the intro image adding a stack of books that have orange in them and adding a simple glass vase with the silk flowers in it would add another punch of orange to this room.

Like Orange But Just Want A Spash Of It?

These wall art stickers or decals can add a splash of Orange, which might be all you really want. You could add a few toss cushions in Orange, or mandarin shades, add a throw and you have added some brightness to the room.

How To Add This Color To Your Home Decor:

  1. Gather items that you might already have on hand. You might have books like I did that you can stack together. You’d be surprised how just stacking books in this color can add that slash of color.
  2. Simple plain vases of various heights are great, especially when grouped together. Add a little greenery to it and it makes them stand out even more. Or opt to add a green lucky bamboo stem to just one of them.
  3. Toss cushions often are all you might need to add this burst of color to a living room, or bedroom. A throw or blanket in this color also adds. Accessorizing is a great way to introduce orange to any room.
  4. Orange pillar candles of various heights and sizes work wonders. An inexpensive way of adding this brilliant shade to a room.

Purple for Sensational Living Room

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Decorating with a bold color such as purple can be intimidating for many, but it does not have to be. There are many interior designs that are starting to bring purple back into their decorating and it is becoming one of the new trend colors. Purple was always a favorite color for the teen girl but it can also be a perfect option for an adult space. It can add a fresh and sophisticated look to a room. The key to using purple is to know how much and where to put it. Painting an accent wall or use it as an accent color in pieces around the room.

What Type of Purple

Purple comes in so many different shades which gives the interior design of a room many options. Combinations of all the different shades of purple within the same room will soften the look. Choices can be from soft shades of lavender and lilac to the deep rich berry shades. Other options could be the darker cooler shades of purple like eggplant and burgundy.

Interior Decorating Ideas

When looking at new interior designs

for a living room please keep in mind the furniture and size of the space. Being aware of how much natural light comes into the room can also help determine which shade of purple to use.

If the space is small, a darker shade of purple can make the room appear smaller, where a lighter shade may make it appear larger. The mood of the space that the color will create is also something to keep in mind. A warmer tone vs. a cooler tone can change the room. A living room will most likely have furniture for entertaining that is comfortable.

If deciding to use purple on the walls in the room, one or two walls would be enough for an accent touch which then can build up that color scheme with different shades of purple with the curtains, a rug, pillows and décor.


Textures can add a heightened tone to a room. If layering various textures in one room it can give the space life. It can add charm and character to any dull space. Count the different textures in your room to make sure there are enough. If not, add some textures to bring in a new look. Textures will add a visual touch of interest to your room. Using contrast with textures is also key to get the most of your room. Think about the shine and coolness of chrome, the warmth of dark wood, and the softness of silk.

Some people may find that it is easier to find a den design or game room theme and would rather avoid changing the look of the living room. The living room is the main focal point of your home so do not be afraid to make it your stand out room. From a soft lilac to a bold eggplant your room can have an interior design that gives it a royal treatment.